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What is a Home Reversion Plan?

This is an FSA regulated way for you to sell your home for a tax-free, cash lump sum and to remain in your home for the rest of your life

For how long will my Plan run?

The Plan will run for the rest of your life or until, you need to move into long-term, residential care

What type of tenancy agreement do I have?

A legal agreement giving you the right to stay in the property for the rest of your life

Will any rent payable be increased after I have completed the plan?

If you take the Rental Option, the initial, agreed rent is capped and will increase only in line with inflation (RPI)

Who is responsible for the property's upkeep?

You will be responsible for the property's upkeep, maintenance, insurance, and will continue to pay all the usual bills - utilities, Council Tax etc

Do you buy all types of property?

Yes we buy all types of property: houses, flats, bungalows, farms, land, properties with sitting tenants, flats above shops and properties requiring repair or with legal or planning problems

Why do you pay less than the vacant possession value?

The price we pay for your home takes into account the fact that, for as long as you live, you have the right to remain, either rent free or at a reduced rent, with restricted reviews

Are there any hidden fees?

None at all. All you pay is the refundable application fee, which we return in full, upon completion of your sale to us. You will not have to pay for a HIP (Home Information Pack). We also pay your agreed legal fees. The application fee will also be returned in full, if we withdraw for any reason or if we reduce our offer, following which you decide to withdraw

I receive some State Benefits - will this be an issue?

Some benefits, such as Pension Credit and Council Tax Benefit payments, can be affected, so it is essential that you take professional advice before committing to one of our Plans

Can I move house once the plan has completed?

The plan may be portable, in some circumstances, subject to your new home meeting the Acrewood suitability criteria. Please ask us for more details or check with your advisor

Can I change my mind once the plan has completed?

No once your plan has completed you cannot change your mind

Is Acrewood regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)?

Yes. Acrewood Group Plc is regulated by the FSA (number 467257)

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