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This is a Home Reversion Plan. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration

Home reversion plan alternatives

Acrewood Group plc is part of a long-established, specialist property group, with a wide portfolio of property interests and the experience and ability to deal with all property types, tenancies and problems. If our Home Reversion plans do not provide the solution you are looking for, you may wish to consider the range of alternative products we can offer. Please note that the products offered below are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority

You Find We Buy

Find a home to live in for life and pay, typically, only 20% to 40% of the purchase price – we will pay the balance. The precise amount you will have to pay depends upon your age* (and that of your partner, if you apply jointly), how much rent you pay (if any) and upon the location and condition of the property

* The plan is subject to a minimum age of 50, however younger ages may be considered if you suffer from poor health and your life expectancy is affected

This plan allows you to live, for the rest of your life, in a home of your choosing, which you might otherwise not have been able to afford. The plan is especially suitable if you wish to downsize and retain more cash than the sale of your larger home would otherwise allow

The plan is available either rent free or with a rental option, depending upon your circumstances. Any rent we agree will be set below the market rent at the start of the plan, at a level you can afford and, for your total peace of mind, this will only be ever reviewed in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI)

Live where you want, in your ideal home, perhaps to live nearer friends and family or downsize to a more manageable property. Release equity to make gifts, top up your pension or investments, clear debts or just spend as you wish

The precise amount paid, in each case, will depend upon exact dates of birth, market conditions, individual circumstances and the location and condition of the particular property


Express Home Buyers®

If you are having difficulty selling your property and would like a sale the way it should be – fast and hassle-free - we can exchange contracts in 24 hours, if required, with a flexible completion date to suit your needs

There are no surprises in our cash offers. We typically pay 80% of market value

An ideal solution to clear debts or meet a deadline. We buy for cash and we can stop repossessions. A real alternative to bridging loans or auction

There are no hidden costs or charges. Our appraisals are free, there are no agents' fees, the sale is HIP free and we pay your agreed legal costs


Residential Investments

We purchase a wide range of residential investments that include freehold ground rents, shops with upper parts, farms and estates, life tenancies and properties with sitting tenants or planning, legal or tenant problems

Please note that Swift Capital is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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